11 Tips For Long-Distance Travel On A Plane


1. Drink plenty of water. Because of the constant air-con, airplane cabins are notoriously dehydrating both on your skin and body. Aim to drink at least two liters before you board the plane and make you sure moisturize your face, hands and body. Another tip is to avoid caffeine, soft drinks and alcohol as these can dehydrate your body even more.

2. Bring a scarf on board. It is multi-purpose: you can use it to keep warm when it gets chilly on the plane, you can use it as a blanket, and you can layer it if it’s cold at your final destination.

3. Get as comfortable as possible. Buy a travel pillow (they make a HUGE difference), take off your shoes and find a comfortable position to rest your feet (if you have a small bag underneath, rest them on that), try get a window or aisle seat to avoid getting cramped and do put your headphones to use to cancel out unwanted noise so you can sleep!

4. Buy a travel wallet. They store your passports, documents, departure forms and your pens without you having to rummage around your bag for everything.

5. Wear cozy clothes. You can still be comfortable and fashionable. Avoid over-accessorizing, scratchy jeans that you constantly have to adjust and super high-heels. Tip: if you want to be sure that your check-in luggage is not overweight, wearing your heaviest clothes on the plane can work. I wore my heaviest shoes and my biggest jacket to the airport once and while it was a little uncomfortable, my check in luggage was a couple of kilograms lighter.

6. Fill a tote with all the essentials. A medium-sized handbag is every girl’s fashion essential and super convenient for traveling. Remember to put in your passport, wallet, phone, chargers, a pen, any medication you’re taking, a book to read on the plane and snacks.

7. Be an expert on liquids. Do make sure the liquids you are carrying do not exceed 100ml and that it is contained in a see-through bag. I like to bring rosewater spray to refresh my face every few hours, dry shampoo in case my hair gets oily, a compact powder/mirror duo, lip balm (very important) and all-purpose moisturizer. Pour products that are too big for carry-on into travel friendly containers so you can use them on the plane.

8. Order a special meal. Since I’m a vegetarian, this is a must for me, but if you want to get served first, tick the box for a special meal. That way, you eat before everyone else does and sometimes your tray gets cleared first too.

9. Bring along your own water and snacks. Airplane food is notorious for being pretty awful most of the time. This is why I recommend bringing along healthy snacks that you can find at the airport like muesli bars, nuts or a sandwich. Bringing along a water bottle of your own is also a good idea so you can fill it up at airports and keep hydrated while you are traveling (this also saves money on buying bottled water).

10. Adjust your watch/phone to the time of your destination. Trust me, this helps with your body clock and jet-lag a lot. You can plan when you can sleep and wake up so that by the time you arrive, your body has mostly adjusted to the time difference.

11. Get as much sleep on the plane as possible. As I said before, a travel pillow, finding a good foot rest and keeping warm are all foundations for getting as much of a comfortable rest as possible. Be also sure to turn off your screen and turn on relaxing music to get you drowsy.

I hope this all helps. Happy travelling!

Image via DesignLoveFest