7 Tips For Good Mental Health

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1. Know the friends or people who tend to wear you out and deliberately limit the time you spend with them.

2. Be aware of how your thought patterns change throughout the day and challenge these thought patterns when they’re harsh or negative.

3. Recognize that it is normal to struggle with your feelings and feelings can be fickle – so don’t let them rule your life.

4. Set some personal goals that use your talents and your gifts. It’s good to stretch ourselves and to be all that we can be.

5. Be gentle with yourself when you are anxious, tired and stressed. Be kind and understanding and give yourself a break.

6. Self-nurturing is crucial for a healthy self esteem. You need to treat yourself as you would treat a special friend.

7. Remember: we ALL fail. It’s just normal part of life. What matters is you’re learning and you’re changing over time.

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