A Love Letter


I imagined that I was a soul in heaven and not yet human. One day, God sat me down. He took both my hands in his, and He told me that He was going to send me to earth for a very special purpose. There were some people on earth He wanted me to meet.

He told me that human life was wonderful, and that there were going to be moments in my life where my soul was going to expand from all its beauty and wonder.
I was going to be entranced by his creation.
The way the colors of the sunset melted seamlessly pinks, reds, oranges and blues.
The sound of the waves crashing when I stood in front of the ocean.
The way jazz sounded.

He told me I was going to meet people who were going to love me more than I ever thought I was worth.

He told me that life was also strange and sad.
That humans killed, beat and enslaved each other because of skin color, eye shape, gender, and sexual preferences.
That women were objectified and raped for the clothes they wore.
That thousands would be killed in war for the name of freedom.
That humans have learned to overpower animals and abuse them.
That humans have tried to exterminate entire races.
That humans have come to love money more than people.

He told me that I was going to be abused, used and hurt badly.
He told me I would be overcome with an illness that would cripple me so much that I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.
He held my hand tightly and told me that I was going to fall down and cry a lot, that I would beg him to take me home more times that I can count.
He told me that I would be called ugly, fat, and worthless.

Shaking, I said, “Dad, I don’t want to go.”

And he kissed my forehead and said, “I know.”

He whispered to me the most beautiful words the world had ever known and hugged me goodbye.

He said, “Baby girl, the world’s going to be so cold. But just know I will always be with you until the very end. I’ll see you soon, and it will feel like coming home.”


A short story I wrote one about an experience I had one morning. And I know it’s crazy, but it feel like this actually happened to me.


Top image via Brooklyn Hawaii
Bottom image via Pinterest