A Request From The Lilac Road


Hello Lilac Road readers!

I just want to drop a post to ask a favor from all of you.

As those of you who read my writings know, I have been on a long and tumultuous journey from being a person who was severely depressed, suicidal and insecure to someone who is being restored and healed into a preacher of hope. It was this reason that The Lilac Road was born. I wanted to give the same encouragement and love that was given in abundance to me in the hopes that it will give a young girl a light on her journey. Most of all, it was born to give those who are depressed and suicidal a way out.

I am overwhelmed and grateful for all the responses I have received from this blog. There have been people who have told me that it gave them a light on their path, that it inspired them and that it gave them much needed hope. It touches and means the whole world to me. I am incredibly proud of this blog and where it is going, and it is all thanks to the people who support it.

The next natural step for The Lilac Road is to reach more people and give someone who is feeling discouraged or struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts much needed hope. I want to share my story and the journey I have been on with young people everywhere, especially young women, that they may be encouraged in theirs and believe that there is a way out, that there is someone who cares. We have such a need for that in our country where broken people are struggling silently and alone with their own demons. I have such a passion and love to bring people into restoration, which brings me to my request.

I now want to start speaking for the Lilac Road at youth groups and small groups. It has been something I have been thinking about for a long time and a dream of mine to bring The Lilac Road from behind a computer screen to face to face with young people.
If any one of you are leaders or are part of a church and you are interested in having me speak at your youth or small group, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my email thelilacroad@outlook.com or message me through Facebook. I would happily come in and talk about my testimony (you can read it here) and the journey I have been on with my depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety anywhere and for any amount of time. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please pass on the word too! It would be much appreciated by me. Any questions are of course, welcome!

Thanks for reading and once again, thank you for making my dreams come true and supporting The Lilac Road like you do. I cherish it so much and I hope we will continue to journey together for many more years to come.


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