A Woman’s Prime

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Women have a more difficult time in coping with the feeling that we are running out of time. This feeling starts to creep upon us as humans in our twenties, maybe even teens in some cases. Where does this feeling that we are “running out of time” stem from? After graduating high school I found time to become slightly distorted. Suddenly served a platter of bottomless freedom after waiting patiently at the kitchen table for 18 years for it to arrive. And now I freeze. I do not know what to do with all of this freedom. I don’t know how much to take, or where to go with it, feeling guilty for my naivety. These feelings are very prevalent in both genders. However, this feeling is accelerated in women. It’s because of statements like those from Picasso in regards to sleeping with an underage girl (17 years old) when he was 42 years old; “It was perfect — I was in my prime, she was in her prime,” was his remark. And this same ideology expressed by Picasso is expressed so prevalently in the media we grow up consuming.
You are only in your prime at 17 when you are 17 because that is your present moment. You will be in your prime in the moment you are 32, and 55, and 87, because that will be your present moment. You “prime” is not defined by any outside source or expectation. Your prime is defined by your present human experience. Take a deep inhale into your stomach. That sensation is your prime. Not you 5 years ago, and not you 5 years in the future. The sensation of being present is your prime.
Cricket Guest, A Woman’s Prime

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