Bangkok Diary #2: Sexpats, Facebook Miracles And Becoming An Official English Teacher

Bangkok sunset from my apartment The Lilac Road
Bangkok sunset from my apartment

The last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind of exciting, challenging and unexpected events.

I feel emotionally and physically wiped out; I’m still deciding whether it’s in a good or bad way (or both).

First things first, God answered my prayers for a full-time, stable-income job! Funnily enough, I was scrolling through my Facebook (which I don’t often do), and I responded to an advertisement for an English teacher on a forum. I went in for an interview the next afternoon and got it the same night. I am officially an English teacher for a Thai school in the city! Today, I signed the contract and got to meet some of the other teachers who were so friendly and laid-back. I also brought some work attire, too; because the Thai king sadly passed away last year, clothes can only be in black, white or grey, so it looks like I could be working in a corporate office haha. I’m nervous, of course, but I’m also very thankful that I get the opportunity to live & work in a city I that love. I have been working weekends teaching English at a private institute, but I’ve been having problems with my boss, so I am so relieved to have found a new job. Isn’t it pretty interesting that for four months I have been looking and applying for jobs on TEFL boards (two out of three jobs which I did get), but my full-time gig was found through social media on a random, late-night scroll? The way in which the whole thing happened was so quick and natural, in much the same way that I found my apartment, that I know it was nothing short of God’s blessing.

A brewing storm in Bangkok The Lilac Road
A brewing storm

It has been very rewarding finding and strengthening the friendships I have made here already. I don’t know whether it is by luck or what, but I have attracted the best kinds of people in Bangkok, people who understand, appreciate and celebrate me and my achievements (Natasha, Celine and James, I’m looking at you.) I also had the pleasure of showing a Danish guy around Bangkok for a night, and it gave me a lot of joy to see him experience and fall in like with the city as much as I have. A fantastic girl I met through mutual friends in Auckland is also stopping by Bangkok in August and has asked me to show her around, which of course I happily agreed to. Full-time English teacher, part-time tour guide and passionate Bangkok ambassador? I think so.

At a vintage market Bangkok The Lilac Road
At a vintage market

It might sound I paint my life in such an idealistic way, and in some ways right now it is an absolute dream, but there have been days where it gets particularly challenging and lonely. I might have mentioned before that for the first time, I am ready for a relationship, but I have found increasingly that Bangkok is not an easy place to date. The men here are either expats who have girls on rotation simply because they are foreign and/or Caucasian, or are travelers passing through for a few days. I was recently talking to an expat for three weeks, asking him when we can finally meet, until I realized he was just leading me on to a dead end (I shouldn’t have let it go on for that long though). And when two travelers connect, what do you do? I knew when I decided to be an expat that I couldn’t have the stability of a relationship and be a frequent traveler at the same time. Sometimes all you can do when you like a guy is to hold the memories fondly and then let him go.

Beef and Shake Bangkok The Lilac Road
Beef and Shake (mine was a portobello mushroom burger)

I feel like I am adjusting so well to the Bangkokian lifestyle. I now know where to get shit printed. But seriously, I feel like I’ve settled into a routine I’m really happy with now, from morning rituals to the best cheap eats to knowing which markets to go to if I want vintage clothes. Can you believe it’s only been a month and a bit since I moved here? It feels like it’s been years.

I guess I’ve decided… I’m tired in the best way possible.

Jenny Chang The Lilac Road Bangkok
Exploring Silom
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