Be The Person You Are Looking For

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Be the person you are looking for; be kind, loving, passionate, compassionate, understanding, generous, pure, faithful, committed, hardworking, respectful, honest, loyal, and adventurous. The person you are looking for will find you and you will find them because your energies will attract you to each other like magnets.

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There’s No Time Limit On Happiness

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Things you can do at any stage in life:

• love yourself
• have a fresh start
• go back to school
• recover
• make new friends
• fall in love
• go to therapy
• learn a skill
• discover your passion
• repair relationships
• change the world
• find a new hobby
• be happy

It isn’t too late for you. you’ll be okay. There’s no time limit on happiness.

Thor Advice

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Some Ways To Improve Your Self-Confidence

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1. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are totally unique, and have different talents, abilities and strengths.

2. Never criticise or put yourself down. There are plenty of others who will do that for you. You need to be your biggest, and your greatest, fan. Be understanding, gentle and kind to yourself.

3. Consciously accept every compliment you get and see them as accurate and genuinely meant. Don’t brush them off as stupid, wrong, or meaningless.

4. Keep affirming yourself until it changes how you feel. It may feel false at first when you say something like, “I accept myself completely, and believe I’m valuable.” But as you constantly repeat it you’ll find that, over time, you do accept and value the person that you are.

5. Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. If you hang out with people who always put you down, and never seem to like or approve of your ideas, then you’ll soon stop believing in yourself as well (and it will also crush your creativity.)

6. Make a list of your successes and accomplishments – like playing an instrument, learning how to cook, passing an exam, graduating from high school, getting into college, or receiving an award. Review this list often – and be proud of yourself!

7. Make a list of your positive qualities and traits. Are you an honest, reliable and caring friend? Do you make time for others? Do you try to do your best? Again, review this list often, and get into the habit of focusing on your positive qualities and traits.

8. Spend your time doing things that you are good at, and enjoy. We become more alive when we’re doing things we love – and that naturally increases our self-confidence (as we’re being our true selves and not just acting out a role).

9. Get involved. If you sit on the sidelines and avoid all challenges then you won’t be able to achieve much in life. But if you push through the feelings of anxiety and fear, then you’ll grow, be successful, and have higher self-esteem.

10. Be true to yourself; live a life that’s really “you”. Don’t let other people decide what you should do, or what is best for you, or who they think that you should be. You only have one life; choose your own path and just be you!

Online Counselling College

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You Can Heal And Change

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You have to get yourself out of bad places. You need to resist the temptation to let everything slip and become apathetic & cynical toward yourself and your life. You need to accept that it takes time to change and it’s OK to fall over as long as you get back up. Every morning is a new start and things don’t have to be this way forever. You can heal and you can change.

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Stay Kind

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And what do you do when someone tries to ruin who you’ve become? You stay kind. Stay so kind that they’ll wonder why you’re still so full of sunshine, kindness, generosity and love despite their actions. Stay so kind that they’ll start to regret what they’ve done to you. And lastly, stay so kind that they realize what they have lost – a rare gem full of beauty, love and positivity.

Illustration by Em Niwa