Stay Kind

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And what do you do when someone tries to ruin who you’ve become? You stay kind. Stay so kind that they’ll wonder why you’re still so full of sunshine, kindness, generosity and love despite their actions. Stay so kind that they’ll start to regret what they’ve done to you. And lastly, stay so kind that they realize what they have lost – a rare gem full of beauty, love and positivity.

Illustration by Em Niwa

Be Happy For Others

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There’s always going to be shit coming into your life to be unhappy about. If you can be happy for others, there’s always going to be a supply of happiness available to you. Vicarious joy is going to be available millions of ways every single day. If you want to look at other people and be happy for them, you can be happy every single day, regardless of what’s happening to you.
Rachel Shubert

Photo via Wolftyla