How To Deal With Insecurity In A Relationship

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1. Take control of your thought life and focus on the truth. A lot of people become insecure because they imagine things falling apart. Stop imaging your partner being untrue to you, or becoming interested in someone else. Don’t let your fears create a false reality.

2. Let the relationship follow its own course. Allow yourself and your partner to simply be themselves, and to only commit when each is ready to commit. A good relationship is based on understanding and respect.

3. Don’t give into the urge to snoop around. Don’t start being sneaky, or act in ways that make you seem suspicious or lacking in trust. That will only undermine your relationship.

4. Focus on being positive. Instead of using up your energy on feeling insecure, putting yourself down, or thinking of “what ifs”, try and think about the happy, good experiences you’ve shared.

5. Don’t compare yourself with others. We all have different strengths, personalities and gifts. Be proud of who you are—you are special and unique.

6. Don’t compare this relationship to previous relationships. Even if things have gone wrong in a past relationship, doesn’t mean this partner is going to treat you badly. It’s a new chapter now—give your partner a fair chance.

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Remove Toxic People

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You don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a relative, romantic interest, employer, childhood friend, or a new acquaintance – you don’t have to make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small. It’s one thing if a person owns up to their behaviour and makes an effort to change. But if a person disregards your feelings, ignores your boundaries, and ‘continues’ to treat you in a harmful way, they need to go.
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