Move Through The Hard Feelings

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Move through the hard feelings. Slowly. With care. Pick up pieces of them. Study them. Learn from them. There are lessons in the pieces of yourself you are ashamed of. There is healing in keeping joy close. Mourn the memories as they resurface. Ease into the discomfort of grief. And who said you had to push through this alone? Or in silence? Or on anyone’s timeline but your own?

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How To Feel Ethereal

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  • Use scented body mist to make your hair smell nice
  • Moisturize every night before bed so your skin is really soft
  • Laugh when you wanna laugh
  • Cry when you wanna cry
  • Apply gentle pink lip balm
  • Go to bed before midnight most nights so you get the full amount of sleep
  • Light scented candles around your room
  • Leave the windows open
  • Wear soft, flowy fabrics
  • Give yourself some time to wake up in the morning before you start your day, to just take in the sounds and transition to wakefulness
  • Do things you would normally do inside outside – even if it’s just reading a book, or having your lunch
  • Keep a gratefulness journal – each night, just add a couple things you’re grateful for, or happy about
  • Take bubble baths with the lights dim
  • Eat fruits instead of candy
  • Sing when you’re alone, and sing with friends
  • Take a moment to look around, take in the sights and smells and the beauty of the world around you
  • Do something nice for someone

Daisies In The Forest

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7 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

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19-years-old in Prague
  1. Don’t worry so much about what others think or say about you. The older you get, the less you give a damn about what people think. We tend to get to get so caught up in the opinions of others, when really, they have absolutely no power over your life unless you give it. Life is so fluid, so exciting, so changeable – just like you. Wear what you want to wear, say what’s on your mind, be whoever you want to be and let them talk.
  2. Enjoy your teenage years as much as you can. The memories you create in your teenage years are the ones you will look back on when you are older and think, “Damn, that was fun.” Make it worth looking back on – stay out until the sunrise, have late night rendezvous with friends, laugh and dance and cry as much as you can. You are young and wild, and these are the years where you can (almost) get away with anything.
  3. You don’t have to have it all figured out. There tends to be a lot of pressure to follow a certain linear path in life: university, career, marriage and then children. However, while that works for some, a lot of people find that this is not the trajectory for them – and that is okay! Some of the most interesting, successful and inspiring people in life are still figuring things out and willingly admit that they don’t have their shit together (no one does). There is no end destination, no final frontier; the happiness is all in the journey.
  4. Nurture friendships with people who are positive, loyal and loving. You’re going to meet people who will betray your trust, use you and take advantage of what you have to give. Be thankful for those people because, even if they have hurt you, they have taught you the power of true friendship and loyalty. The people who stick with you through the hard times, uplift you when you are feeling down and believe the best in you when you are at your worst are those you need to invest in. Keep them close to your heart – they are your lifeline.
  5. Invest in self-love before looking for a relationship. It gets said often, but one of the most important relationships in life is the one you have with yourself. Don’t pine or seek out romantic love if you don’t yet love yourself. Learn to be comfortable alone, take yourself on dates, travel solo (even if it’s just the next city over), and fall in love with you are. You learn your value, worth and beauty when you know what is truly at stake, and that can only come through self-care.
  6. Things won’t always be so bad. It may be that things are so dark that it seems it will be like that forever. This is not true. Your life is a work in progress – it is constantly changing along with the feelings and people in it. Sometimes, things happen that will exceed your wildest dreams. Sometimes, you will cry because your heart is so full of joy. Sometimes, someone will tell you that they love you and you will believe it. There are days to come where you will be glad you held on despite how sad and broken you feel. Which leads me on to the next point…
  7. The best is yet to come. Never would I have imagined when I was a teenager the amazing things that were to come. The most happiest and life-altering experiences all happened outside of my teenage years, and I’m so glad I held on for them. There is so much for you to see and do. There are endless possibilities for you to explore, hundreds of countries for you to travel to and plenty of people to meet and fall in love with – and the best thing is, you are only just getting started.

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Growing Pains

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Nobody ever talks about this part… You know, the part where you’re no longer a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly. You don’t know who you are and you don’t know where you’re going. All you know is that every fibre of your being is calling for transformation. For disruption. For a revolution of the spirit. So surrender. Breakdown.
This is not the death of you. This is the dying of who you once were. This is your rebirth, darling.
And these are called, “growing pains.”
Alexis Rakun

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