12 Things Happy People Do Differently

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Happy people value and choose:

1. Love over fear: People who are really happy fear less and love a lot more. They see each moment, each challenge, each person as an opportunity to discover more about themselves and the world around them.

2. Acceptance over resistance: Happy people understand that you can’t really change a situation by resisting it. When something unpleasant happens to them, they don’t try to fight it. Instead, they ask themselves questions like: What can I learn from this? How can I make this better?

3. Forgiveness over unforgiveness: Really happy people know that it’s not healthy to hold on to anger. They choose to forgive and forget, understanding that forgiveness is a gift they give themselves.

4. Trust over mistrust: They trust themselves and they can figure out who is trustworthy – and who they should avoid.

5. Meaning over ambition: They do the things they do because of the meaning it brings into their lives and because they get a sense of purpose by doing so. They’re not driven by the need to gain approval from others.

6. Challenges over obstacles: Happy people see problems as challenges and as opportunities to explore new ways of doing things.

7. Selflessness over selfishness: Happy people look for ways to give and to share the best of themselves, and to make other people happy if they can.

8. Kindness over harshness: They are kind to themselves and others and they understand the power of self-love, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.

9. Gratitude over ingratitude: No matter where they look, no matter where they are or with who, happy people have the capacity to see beauty where many would only see ugliness – and they’re quick to express their gratitude, as well.

10. Being present over being disengaged: Happy people know how to live in the present moment, appreciating what they have and where they are.

11. Positivity over negativity: No matter what happens to them, happy people always seem to adopt and maintain a positive, and upbeat, perspective.

12. Taking responsibility over blaming: Happy people take full ownership of their lives. They choose to keep their power and take responsibility for everything that happens to them.

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