Don’t Neglect The Present

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Please make sure that wherever you’re at in life, you don’t treat it like a transitory period. Don’t waste your college years wishing to already be graduated & have a job. Don’t waste your single years wishing for someone to be in love with. If/when those things come, they will come in due time and they will be good. But there is nothing like looking back and feeling empty because you wasted literal years ignoring what you had because you were hoping for something better. While it’s important to better yourself and reach for your goals, don’t neglect the present because that’s where you are now and it’s your now that determines your future.

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Depression Checklist

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1. Shower, brush your teeth and put on clean clothes.

2. Eat regularly; include some fruit and vegetables in your diet.

3. Get out of the house at some point in the day.

4. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise.

5. Listen to some comforting or meaningful music.

6. Talk to at least one other person.

7. Think about 3 things that could make life worth living.

8. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

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When Jealousy Arises

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You know what I do when I feel jealous? I tell myself to not feel jealous. I shut down the why not me? voice and replace it with one that says don’t be silly instead. It really is that easy… When you feel terrible because someone has gotten something you want, you force yourself to remember how very much you have been given. You remember that there is plenty for all of us. You remember that someone else’s success has absolutely no bearing on your own. You remember that a wonderful thing has happened to one of your peers and maybe, if you keep working and if you get lucky, something wonderful may also someday happen to you.
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