What To Do When You Feel Negative

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1. Be honest with yourself and accept how you feel. You can’t work with your feelings if you deny they are real.

2. At the same time, don’t keep going over the negative events or they’ll start to dominate you, spiral and get worse.

3. Don’t react right away – take a breath and count to 10. Make sure you keep control and don’t do something you’ll later regret.

4. Try to notice what triggers provoke negative feelings – and when you’re calm, try to think about how to cope and deal with them.

5. Think of things that you can do to try and help improve your mood such as going for a jog or talking with a caring friend.

6. Remind yourself that you are valuable and have a lot to offer. Think of all your strengths and all the good things you have done.

7. Choose just to let go of the past and focus on the present. Don’t let it stop you living and having a great life.

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Persist And Persevere

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No matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will somehow make it. Have an unrelenting belief that things will work out, that the long road has a purpose, that the things that you desire may not happen today, but they will happen. Continue to persist and persevere.
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8 Powerful Steps To Positive Thinking

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1. Always focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. The mistake that most of us make when having a problem is to talk about it over and over again instead of focusing on the end result and what we want to achieve.

2. Know that every problem comes with a lesson. There is always a lesson in everything that happens to us, and we should constantly look for what that lesson is and master it. For as Confucius said: “If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.”

3. Don’t believe everything you think. Our problems aren’t as big as the mind is trying to convince us, and if you choose to believe every negative though that goes through your mind, you will always get in trouble. Observe your mind, observe your thoughts, but don’t identify yourself with them. Go beyond them.

4. Choose to express your gratitude for everything that happens to you, whether good or bad, and also for every person you interact with. The more you choose to express your gratitude, the more reasons you will have to express your gratitude for, and when you’re too busy focusing on the many things that you are grateful for, there will be no more room left for stress and worry.

5. Know that there is a reason for everything. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason and every person that enters your life enters for a reason. It’s your responsibility to act upon this knowing and not to label them as being good or bad, negative or positive etc.

6. Let go of your need for perfection. When you try to do everything perfectly, you will meet with stress and frustration as it’s impossible to be perfect in everything you do.

7. Let go of your resistance. Accept things as they are without you trying to change them, without trying to fight against them. Go with the flow, and know that life isn’t meant to be a struggle all the time.

8. Learn to be present in everything you do. When you become present and really engaged in the now, your whole life will become so much easier.

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Coping With Suicidal Thoughts

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1. Promise not to do anything right now. Even though you’re in a lot of pain right now, give yourself some distance between thoughts and action. Make a promise to yourself: “I will wait 24 hours and won’t do anything drastic during that time.” Or, wait a week. Your suicidal thoughts do not have to become a reality.

2. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Suicidal thoughts can become even stronger if you have taken drugs or alcohol. It is important to not use non-prescription drugs or alcohol when you feel hopeless or are thinking about suicide.

3. Make your home safe. Remove things you could use to hurt yourself, such as pills, knives, razors, or firearms. If you are unable to do so, go to a place where you can feel safe. If you are thinking of taking an overdose, give your medicines to someone who can return them to you one day at a time as you need them.

4. Take hope – people DO get through this. Even people who feel as badly as you are feeling now manage to survive these feelings. Take hope in this. There is a very good chance that you are going to live through these feelings, no matter how much self-loathing, hopelessness or isolation you are currently experiencing.

5. Don’t keep these suicidal feelings to yourself. Many of us have found that the first step to coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings is to share them with someone we trust. It may be a friend, a therapist, a member of the clergy, a teacher, a family doctor, a coach or an experienced counselor at the end of a helpline. Find someone you trust and let them know how bad things are. Don’t let fear, shame or embarrassment prevent you from seeking help.

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One Step At A Time

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If you’re reading this post, then it means that you’ve gotten through 100% of your bad days till now.
It means that you’re still here, although as tired as you may be of fighting, you’re here. And that’s what matters the most.
Look how far you’ve come without giving up yet, and even though the path ahead seems long, you’ll get there someday. One step at a time, one day at a time, you’ll reach the light at the end of this tunnel.
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