Diet Culture

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Diet culture is rooted in the idea that our bodies are machines that our minds have to outwit. It pushes for the idea that hunger is something you have to “beat”, that cravings are an annoyance to ignore or outwit, that the way our bodies want to look and want to be is something to fight, that it needs to be helped to do things it was built to do.
Here is the liberating truth: your body is smart and it is trying to help you. It works so hard to keep you alive – sometimes it fails at what it’s trying to do, sometimes it does it in unconventional ways, but it is trying to keep you alive! Hunger is our body saying “we need food” – it’s not something to ignore or suppress. Cravings are our body saying “we need a specific type of food” – they aren’t something to trick or prevent. Natural weight and weight distribution are our body saying “this is the shape in which we work best” – they aren’t something to control or reduce. Denying this is what hurts us most, even though diet culture tries to tell us that listening to our bodies and treating them with kindness and forgiveness is wrong.

Photo via Woman 1924