Farewell! (For A Month)






 Some travel pictures to inspire the wanderlust in you.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for a one month adventure to Europe. It will be the first time setting foot on the continent and it will be the first time I will be traveling by myself! I will be traveling around Ireland for 3 weeks, then flying to Berlin to see some German friends I met in New Zealand, and then I am taking a train to Prague. From there, I will be homebound. I’m equal parts thrilled and nervous, which after doing copious amounts of travel research, I found is perfectly normal to feel. This also means I will be taking a hiatus from The Lilac Road for when I will be overseas as I won’t be taking my laptop with me and can’t guarantee I will have internet where I will be staying. However, this also means when I come back, I will (hopefully) have so much more inspiration for this little lovechild of mine. I also have bigger plans for The Lilac Road I’m excited to knuckle down on when I come back too!

So, farewell for now darling readers. I hope you all have a wonderful, enchanting November and I will see you very soon.


Third and fifth image via National Geographic, first image via Tumblr, fourth and sixth image via Pinterest.