Give Yourself Joy

girl in white t-shirt and blue skirt

I’m serious about that ‘stop saving things for special occasions.’ Even if you aren’t in your 20s. That’s for everyone. It’s one of the most useful things I’ve learned lately.
Stop! Just stop. Eat the special snack. Drink the expensive hippie tea. Use the incense or the bath bomb or whatever you paid way too much for because you were feeling really bad and retail therapy makes you feel alive.
When we save things for special occasions/rainy days it contributes to us feeling like A. Our day to day existence is lackluster and B. You have to be feeling a certain level of ‘bad,’ or have to reach a certain level of ‘socially accepted achievement,’ to enjoy things.
Just give yourself stuff. There are definitely sometimes reasons to withhold things from yourself – as motivation, if it’s something you consciously want to use sparingly, etc – but at least for me half the time it just turns into self-flagellation and also cool things and cool experiences and nice treats just collect dust while I wait for some fabled day when I convince myself I finally deserve it.
Just give yourself stuff dude. Life’s so mind-blowingly short.

Image via Then Let It Be