Help With Suicidal Thoughts And Feelings

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Remember that while it may seem as if these suicidal thoughts and feelings will never end, this is never a permanent condition. You WILL feel better again.

Things to do:

• Talk with someone every day. Though you feel like withdrawing, ask friends to spend time with you, or call a crisis helpline and talk about your feelings.

• Make a safety plan that you can follow during a suicidal crisis. It should include contact numbers for your doctor or therapist, as well as friends and family members who will help in an emergency.

• Make a written schedule for yourself every day and stick to it, no matter what. Keep a regular routine, even when your feelings seem out of control.

• Get out in the sun or into nature for at least 30 minutes a day.

• Exercise To get the most benefit, aim for 30 minutes of exercise per day. But you can start small. Three 10-minute bursts of activity can have a positive effect on mood.

• Make time for things that bring you joy. Even if very few things bring you pleasure at the moment, force yourself to do the things you used to enjoy.

• Remember your personal goals. Write them down.

Things to avoid:
• Being alone. Solitude can make suicidal thoughts even worse.

• Alcohol and drugs. Drugs and alcohol can increase depression, hamper your problem-solving ability, and can make you act impulsively.

• Doing things that make you feel worse. Listening to sad music, looking at certain photographs, or reading old letters can all increase negative feelings.

• Thinking about suicide and other negative thoughts. Try not to become preoccupied with suicidal thoughts as this can make them even stronger. Don’t think and rethink negative thoughts. Find a distraction.

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