If you or a friend are reaching out for help because of depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem or self-harm but don’t know where to look, remember that there is always hope and a lending hand available to you if you need it.

Whether you need comfort, guidance or someone to simply listen to the battles you have been through, you are warmly welcome to contact and have a chat with me. I would be honored to walk this journey with you and listen to you with full confidentiality. You can email me or you can contact me through The Lilac Road blog and my social media websites with your preferred form of contact and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.
Alternatively, if you feel like you need more urgent help, I encourage you to seek out a trustworthy doctor or counselor who can help you deal with your problems professionally and find safe solutions for you.

These websites also provide great services:

For depression //
The Lowdown is a website aimed at youth, with options to chat, text or email a qualified person who can help you.

For suicide //
Lifeline offers a telephone counseling service for suicide prevention.

General //
Youthline has a helpline, text and email service providing youth counseling.

Always remember – don’t lose hope, for it is the anchor for your soul.