How To Make People Feel Special

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1. Treat everyone equally – as if each person is important to you. If you are part of a group of friends, no individual should feel less liked, valued or wanted than anyone else. Show respect for each person’s opinions and ideas. Don’t think of anyone as “unpopular”.

2. Be interested in others and what matters to them (even if their interests seem boring to you). Being listened to affirms that you’re a valuable person – and often we’re just looking for a listening ear.

3. Be friendly, warm, outgoing and talk to everyone. It’s easy to ignore or overlook those who are shy or those who feel awkward and don’t know what to say.

4. Be kind to everyone. Agreed, this can be hard as some people are a pain. But that is their issue – it’s not to do with you. It is possible they’re covering their low self-esteem or expect to be rejected so they start to act that way. Also, if someone says something stupid or embarrasses themselves, don’t react or ignore them – still act like they’re a friend.

5. Use people’s names when you’re talking to them. It conveys that they are “someone” and builds a stronger bond.

6. Compliment people. You don’t have to overdo it – but notice something good or something that’s worth praising in everyone you meet. However, make sure you sound sincere when you give a compliment.

7. Share the joke with everyone. Don’t make inside jokes but always include everyone.

8. Also, do your best to have fun and to laugh with everyone. That helps to remove tension and to break the barriers down.

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