How To Survive An Unemployment Slump

http-_www.designlovefest.com_wp-content_uploads_downloads_2015_06_GetItGurl_KateWorum_Pink_OrangeBeing unemployed for three months has been an absolute drag.

The hours and hours of CV tweaking, cover letter writing, searching and applying can be tedious, not to mention the stress of job interviews, the rejection emails and the phone interviews that can catch you off guard. Like my friend said, “Finding a job is a job in itself.” But there are ways to survive the much dreaded unemployment slump. Here are my tips:

Unemployment slump tip #1: Spend this time making sure your CV is looking to its highest standard. Unfortunately, employers aren’t meeting you in person to decide if you are right for the job, they’re looking at your two-page CV. Make sure you sell yourself and that it details why you would be perfect for the job. I used to skimp on details because I was scared I would come off as arrogant, but your CV is the place to put yourself out there. Something I used that absolutely transformed my CV was this informative and helpful article from Business Insider.

Unemployment slump tip #2: Maximize your job opportunities. Tell your friends, your family and everyone you make conversation with that you are looking for a job. I read once that 80% of jobs people got were through their connections. It’s all about connections! In addition, look on every job-searching site and the company’s own website consistently so you don’t miss out on any job opportunities. On Seek, you can actually be notified of new jobs in your ideal industry.

Unemployment slump tip #3: Hustle, hustle, hustle. It can be easy to fall into the trap of applying for any and every job in desperation. That may be well and good when you are new to the workforce, but if you want a job that is more purposeful and doesn’t make you hate your life, make sure that you are spending your energy looking for the right job for you. Consider these questions: how much do I want to make per hour/yearly? How many hours do I want to work per week? What industry would my skills and experience be strongest in, and would I enjoy it? And finally, will this job be a stepping stone to reach my dream career or will it me veer away from it?

Unemployment slump tip #4: Do something productive with your spare time. As much as watching TV can actually be appealingly easy to fall into, do something instead with all your spare time that will enhance your CV, your skills, your health and the direction of your life in general. Volunteers are almost always needed by non-profits and honing your skills, trying new activities, spending more time with friends or working out more makes your unemployment slump much more productive. Keep busy and proactive and do things that are good for your body and soul.

Unemployment slump tip #5: Live in your means. While you are unemployed, it’s important to be wise with your money. Prevent yourself from spending more than what you are bringing in by learning how to budget. Don’t eat out at expensive restaurants but learn to cook at home, cut back on alcohol and resist the urge to shop! By being frugal with your money, you can survive the unemployment slump you’re in until you start earning regular money.

Unemployment slump tip #6: Trust God. This season of unemployment for me has been anxiety-inducing, stressful and tiring. However, a deep sense of peace resides within me because I know that when God closes one door, he will always open another. Remember that. Sometimes the door we so badly wish to open doesn’t, but you need to trust that there is another one far better for you to seize that will only be available in God’s perfect time and place. In time, it will all make sense.

Hustle your butt off. Stay busy. Be prayerful. Keep your hopes up. And eventually, you will find a job you love!

Image via DesignLoveFest