It’s Okay To Feel Sad


You know it’s okay to feel sad, right?

I think we as humans have gotten good at brushing ‘negative’ feelings under the carpet. If we feel angry or sad or tired we try to counter-attack them with positive reinforcements or hide them away in the back of our mind. But it’s like trying to push a ball down in water – no matter how deep you push your feelings down, it will always come back up to the surface again.

When I feel sad, I don’t try to push it away or distract myself from it. I just let it be. I allow sadness to come, knowing full well that it is only a temporary visitor. I treat it as such. I welcome it and I say to it, “It’s nice to see you again.” And it may hang around for a day or two. Sometimes it hangs around for longer – weeks or months. But when it’s ready to leave, it lets itself out quietly without a fuss. And I think it’s important that no feeling should ever feel unwelcome or rushed away. I think it’s important to allow all feelings, ‘negative’ or ‘positive,’ to come and go as they please without much chaos because they each have something important to teach you.

I know how hard it is to sit with certain feelings sometimes. There are some which can feel downright unbearable. But that to me is the richness of life – the art of savoring both intense happiness and crippling depression, and everything in between. It’s what gives life it’s luminosity, and without one or the other, life would just be a piece of art painted in one color.

I’m letting you know that it’s okay. It’s okay to not want to get out of bed in the morning. It’s okay if the hardest part of your day is getting dressed and looking someone in the face. It’s okay to have everything in your life going perfectly well, and still feel sad for no reason at all. Sit with it and let it be, know that it is not out there to hurt or destroy you (that maybe it just wants some company), and that it will pass soon enough – it always does.

signatureImage via Hummbly