Let’s Be Brave


“Even though I’m trembling inside I want to bravely pursue the life I dream about each night. I want to walk through my fears each day and courageously seek the experiences, the love, and the work I long for. I don’t want to miss out on a beautiful life because I was too afraid to try. I don’t want love to walk past me because I was too terrified to speak up and put myself out there. I don’t want my dreams to wither because I didn’t water them.
This is it. This is my one life. This is the only story I get to write, and I don’t want to leave it blank. I don’t want to watch chapters pass me by with nothing in them. I want to try. I want to fight. I want to explore. I want to fail and get back up again and again and again. I want to love with my whole heart, and trust that nothing can ever really break me.
So today I am trying. Tomorrow I will try. For all the days I get I am going to try, and I’m going to have faith that to live is to try and to keep trying despite my fears and hurts.
Let’s be brave,

“There’s no way I was born to just pay bills and die.”
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I am one of those hungry seekers. I live for new experiences, for travel, for a taste of untouchable beauty and priceless moments. I don’t want to settle into a mundane 9-5 life with no spark or passion inside of me anymore. I want to go wherever the wind takes me. I want to be free.

Do you?

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