Life Has A Way


“Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, sit down with myself and explain that things were going to be okay, that everybody loses ground sometimes and it doesn’t mean anything. It’s the way life works. This is hard to understand in the moment. You get to thinking about the girl who rejected you, the job you got fired from, the test you failed, and you lose sight of the big picture — the fact that life has a beautiful way of remaking itself every few weeks.”

Donald Miller

One of the hardest things I have had to go through was trying to heal from a deep heartbreak left in my heart four years ago. Even though it still hurts, it doesn’t compare to how crippling it was for me when I was in the thick of it. When you’re going through something like that, it’s hard to see far out ahead of you. It’s hard not to be blinded by the darkness and the pain. What it took a long time for me to learn, and ultimately what helped heal my broken heart, was that nothing is forever. The tears, the hurt, the agony – it was all going to end. Having a hope in God and knowing that this world isn’t my home, I know that there will be no more tears and no more pain when I pass onto eternity, and that’s what gave me the strength to carry on.

When I was struggling with depression in the midst of it all, people told me that it was going to pass, that it wouldn’t stay like this forever. It was empty and meaningless to me at the time and I didn’t want to hear it. But I hope, as a person who has cried and fought and been beaten down for years, that you will hear me when I say that though life is cruel, God is kind, and He will not allow you to stay down forever. He will pick you up, dust you off and walk with you on your journey until the very end. You will stumble, you will fall and you will cry – but you will carry on. And as you move along your journey, one day you will stop and look behind you, and you will see how far you have come.


Top image via Hummbly
Bottom image via A Certain Kind of Woman