Made for Eden

I have a good friend who seemingly has everything.

She’s beautiful, sociable and popular, is well-off and has a lot of boys pining for her attention. However, after a long time of trying to find happiness in destructive things, she one day found herself lost at a dead end. She often comes to me with new epiphanies in her search for meaning. One time, she said to me, “I have everything, but something is still missing.”

It reminded of  a quote by my counseling teacher that spoke straight to my heart when I first read it: “Even on the best day, in front of the most beautiful sunset, doing what you love to do, or being with the person that you love the most, it still doesn’t seem quite right. This isn’t Eden and it certainly isn’t heaven.”

I reflected on this quote one night in my usual insomnia, and as I finally drifted off to sleep, my last thought was, ‘Is it possible to have everything – wealth, success, fame and people who love you – yet still have this little part inside of you that feels like something’s missing?’

A few days later, my twelve-year-old sister and I were talking. “Jenny,” she said, “I have days where I just feel sad for no reason. Do you have them too?”
“I do. I think it’s natural to feel that way sometimes because earth isn’t supposed to make you completely happy. When God made you, He made you with a yearning for eternity in your heart. You weren’t made for here. You were made for heaven.”

It’s struggle we all share. You may think you have it all, whatever your definition of success may be – the house, the cars, the dream job, the money or the most loving and supportive friends and family. You might even have both. But even in your most content moment, there’s something deep inside you that still tells you something isn’t quite right. You still search for deeper meaning. You still feel lonely, even surrounded by the most caring people. And you feel guilty that even though you are blessed, you still desire something more.

What you may not know is that that feeling of wanting something more than this life is rightfully supposed to be there.


I don’t know about you, but there are times I still struggle to get out of bed. There are times where I may have meaning in one hand and happiness in the other, yet still find myself a little empty. It’s a constant struggle I’m always battling, and I know how wearisome it can be. Sometimes, there are days, weeks and even seasons when the road ahead seems so long and stormy. There are times when you find yourself alone and the full ache of loneliness seems to crush you. Times when your grievances feel so great that you think your heart will burst into a million pieces. Times when you cry into your pillow late into the night, confused and sad, but ultimately, scared. Life can feel like it has to be endured rather than enjoyed.

That’s when you must know, as a faithful woman of God, that you were not made for here. Your heart was not meant to feel at home on this earth, nor home to sadness, grief and loneliness. On the day God fearfully made you, He wired and set your heart to yearn for an eternity with Him. You, darling one, were made for Eden.

If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.
C.S. Lewis

There is a piece of your heart that will always be missing while you are still living here. And it is a piece that will be fitted perfectly only when you are truly home.

The next time you wonder why something still doesn’t feel quite right, the next time you feel crushed by loneliness, sadness and grief or the next time you feel like the road ahead seems too overwhelming, remember that you were made for something so much more – you were made for heaven. It is there and only there where you will know complete peace and happiness. It is there and only there that there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. It is there where you can put your hope that every struggle and heartbreak you have had to  go through on this earth will all be worth it. And it is there where your Father’s arms are ready to embrace you when you finally arrive home.

When I’m sad, I often think of picking up the phone and hearing God’s voice, imagining what He would say to me in that moment. His voice would be so strong, so calm, so reassuring. I often think of seeing Him one day, looking into His eyes, and seeing nothing but a passionate love for me in them. For some strange reason, it makes me feel like it’s okay not to be okay while we’re here. We’ll see Him soon – and it will be better than anything .

You stand on sufficient grace, press on soldier, He is faithful.


Image via Anna DeLores