Masculine Energy, Feminine Energy & Sex

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Within us ALL is the masculine and feminine energy, regardless of whether we have a penis or vagina.

The healthy mature masculine is deeply present, holds space, witnesses without judgement, creates safety, is on purpose and has integrity and awareness.

The healthy mature feminine flows, surrenders, is playful, vulnerable, compassionate, authentic and intuitive.

When we work on creating an inner union with our own masculine and feminine, we feel a greater sense of wholeness as an individual.
We no longer feel needy and grasp outside for our outer masculine (the masculine in others) or outer feminine (the feminine in others) to fill a void and to feel whole.
We are already whole. We trust our own masculine to keeps us safe and hold presence for our own feminine to unfold. And when our own feminine feels safe and held by our masculine, she is able to surrender and flow to life.
And so, when we relate with lovers from this space of inner union, we feel grounded and we choose who we want to spend time with from an empowered place within, not from a needy, desperate place. And it feels fucking amazing. And the bonus is that the sex becomes transformative, because two (or more) people are choosing to come together from a space of conscious love and awareness… and that’s when the true magical, ecstatic sex begins.
Juliet Allen

Photo via Hummbly