Move At Your Own Pace

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It is interesting how people feel the need to rush through life as a way to prove maturity. People will rush into relationships, love, sex, marriage, education, careers etc just to show that they are grown. As a person who is grown, I find myself understanding that there is maturity in saying, ‘I’m not ready.’ There is also maturity in saying, ‘I want to wait.’ And there is maturity in saying, ‘Let me take some time to prepare.’ Being in tune with where I am and making decisions based on my own needs and not the pressure to prove that I’m grown, that I have it all figured out, that I’m perfect, is important to me.
I move at my own pace. I move at the speed that works for me. I move in a way that doesn’t cause me to be impatient with myself. I have learned to be still, or wait, or take as much time as I need.
Your Big Sis Nissi

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