Moving To Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand The Lilac Road

Tomorrow, I am moving to Thailand.

Bangkok, to be exact. I am pursuing my three-fold dream of a) living as an expat in a foreign country, b) teaching English and c) interning for a non-profit organization committed to rehabilitating victims of sex trafficking. I also want to make Bangkok my home base as I continue to work as a freelance travel writer, which has been going better than I could ever dream of. It’s all very full-on and exciting, and the last few months have been doing everything and anything I can to prepare and ready myself for this big move overseas.

One of the first things people ask me is, “Why Bangkok?” I thrive off the energy of the city, the unapologetic explosion of lights and noise and colours and smells which it throws you in. My soul fell in love with Bangkok for reasons beyond logic and I have been drawn to that place ever since. I am curious as to how my life will unfold in my new home, the people I’ll meet and the things I’ll do. I am about to enter a door that will unlock countless possibilities, and I can’t help but want to taste it all.

Although I am hopeful, I am also writing this with an undercurrent of nervousness and a hint of sadness. Like with any risk, there is fear, but I am choosing to move ahead in spite of it. I am positioning myself to embrace the uncertainties and failures I will definitely encounter, holding everything closely but with an open hand.

What gives me the courage to do this is knowing that I have the best team of cheerleaders on my side. My friends have given me the support, encouragement and love I need, and more. Without them, I wouldn’t have brought that one way ticket. It gives me so much comfort to know that even if I fail spectacularly, I have these safety nets to fall back on and spring me back up again. Most of all, the peace of God has been so strong and his strength so reaffirming that sometimes I think this might actually work.

The Lilac Road, my little space on the internet, will be posting as normal – just from a new base. I’ll see you on the other side. Wish me luck!

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