My Croatia Experience: Canadians, 7km Walls And The Bluest Waters I’ve Ever Seen

The view of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea from the city walls The Lilac Road
The view of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea from the city walls

Dubrovnik is pretty much the most stunning city I have ever been to.

I spent my time between there and Mlini, a small town I was staying in just 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik, and I had the most relaxing, blissful experience there. Croatia is a small country made up of four million people (just like New Zealand!) and is situated along the Adriatic sea. I didn’t know much about the country prior to arriving, but I fell in love with it and believe it’s the perfect country to spend a European summer in.

Flowers in Mlini The Lilac Road
Flowers in Mlini

At the airport, I was picked up by my Airbnb host, a friendly Croatian guy whose family’s home I was going to be staying in. It was a big, cozy house and he and his family rented out their rooms to travellers of all kinds. It was there I met and had long conversations into the night with a couple from Amsterdam and two girls from Los Angeles. The girls and I had so many laughs together and their friendship is one I will long treasure.

In Mlini, I went to the beach and walked around the whole town, which was very easy to do. There was a newly built mall just a ten minute walk away from my Airbnb with a supermarket, pharmacy and H&M inside which was super convenient. If you are ever staying in this area, I recommend staying in Mlini as it is very close to Dubrovnik and Cavtat and it only cost me NZD30 per night for my own ensuite room.

The old ctiy of Dubrovnik The Lilac Road
The old ctiy of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a pretty, medieval-like town surrounded by a 7km wall and sitting right by the bluest waters I have ever seen in my life. It is stunning. There are little cobblestone alleyways running off here and there, the houses and buildings feel romantic somehow and the people are very friendly and relaxed. On my first trip to Dubrovnik, I took a short bus ride there and decided to scale the walls surrounding the city. Even though I was wearing black jeans and it was very hot, and though it is a pretty lengthy walk, the breathtakingly beautiful views of the town and the sea made it all worth it. I highly recommend doing this if you are ever in Dubrovnik.

Another gorgeous view from the city walls Dubrovnik The Lilac Road
Another gorgeous view from the city walls

It was on this wall that I asked this random guy if he could take a photo of me which he happily did. We ended up talking and I found out he and his friend were from Canada but had a place in Split, Croatia. We did the rest of the walk together and I had the best time with them. They felt like my brothers. When you’re solo travelling, it is always a welcome pleasure to meet some solid, good company.

The view from the cliff bar Dubrovnik Croatia The Lilac Road
The view from the cliff bar

After we finished the very sweaty walk, which included climbing up the narrow tower, we got a drink afterwards and went to a bar which overlooked the sea. The view was seriously amazing. Although it was quite crowded, the location was spectacular in that it was perched on a edge of a cliff so that when you looked out, all you could see was endless ocean. We went during sunset so it was even more beautiful. Afterwards, we chilled with wine at their hotel and then went out for some food. It was a fantastic night and I hadn’t laughed that hard in so long!

In Dubrovnik, I also did the skyline which takes you up to the highest point in the city. The view from there is stunning and is definitely worth paying a trip to.

A view of Dubrovnik from the skyline The Lilac Road
A view of Dubrovnik from the skyline. Isn’t it beautiful?!

In conclusion…

So, how many times did I use the word stunning in this post? I loved my time in Croatia and thought that the ocean, food and people were absolutely wonderful. Apparently it’s hot nine months of the year, so it’s perfect for any beach & sun lovers who are wanting a dreamy summer getaway.

I also met some awesome people during my time there and can highly recommend Dubrovnik simply because of how beautiful this small city is and how friendly and chilled out the people are. I don’t think I had one bad experience there (which is unusual given my travelling history), and would be stoked to go back one day – this time to Split.

What did you think of my experiences in Croatia? Does it make you want to visit one day? Leave any thoughts and comments down below!

All images my own