Pursue The Life You Dream

Say yes

Even though I’m trembling inside I want to bravely pursue the life I dream about each night. I want to walk through my fears each day and courageously seek the experiences, the love, and the work I long for. I don’t want to miss out on a beautiful life because I was too afraid to try. I don’t want love to walk past me because I was too terrified to speak up and put myself out there. I don’t want my dreams to wither because I didn’t water them.
This is it. This is my one life. This is the only story I get to write, and I don’t want to leave it blank. I don’t want to watch chapters pass me by with nothing in them. I want to try. I want to fight. I want to explore. I want to fail and get back up again and again and again. I want to love with my whole heart, and trust that nothing can ever really break me.
So today I am trying. Tomorrow I will try. For all the days I get I am going to try, and I’m going to have faith that to live is to try and to keep trying despite my fears and hurts.
Let’s be brave,

Image via Sincerely Jules