See The Sanity In The Sadness

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So instead of seeing your depression and anxiety as a form of madness, I would tell my younger self — you need to see the sanity in this sadness. You need to see that it makes sense. Of course it is excruciating… But it doesn’t mean that the pain is insane, or irrational. If you touch your hand to a burning stove, that, too, will be agony, and you will snatch your hand away as quickly as possible. That’s a sane response. If you kept your hand on the stove, it would burn and burn until it was destroyed. Depression and anxiety might, in one way, be the sanest reaction you have. It’s a signal, saying — you shouldn’t have to live this way, and if you aren’t helped to find a better path, you will be missing out on so much that is best about being human.
Johann Hari

Photo via Egbudiwe