Some Questions To Ask When Things Go Wrong

Make today count.

Ask yourself:

1. Is this something I should take seriously and try to put right; is it something that is worth working on, and investing more energy on?

2. How much is my fault? Is it something I can change further down the road?

3. How much is outside my control; will anything I do really alter the situation or make a lasting difference?

4. Have I done everything I possibly can? Have I tried and exhausted all possible options?

5. Is it something I should put behind me and decide to walk away from?

6. Who else has gone through a similar experience or had this happen to them? Who can I talk to who will understand and give me valuable help and advice?

7. What can I learn from this experience?

8. How can I build myself up again so I have the needed strength to go forward in my life?

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