Strategies For People Committed To Success

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1. Have one main source of income but at the same time, keep working on ways of developing additional sources of income. Over time, this will allow you move away from spending all your time on your “regular” job so you can generate money more passively.

2. Read widely. This doesn’t have to be heavy or serious books. In fact, reading blogs and magazines can generate ideas and turn you into someone who knows a little about lots of things; this can make you seem more interesting.

3. Have a few close friends plus a lot of other contacts. That provides you with support – which we all need at times – plus people who can help us and open doors for us.

4. Have specialist knowledge in a couple of areas and know a little about lots of things. This helps you understand developing trends so you can use your knowledge more effectively.

5. Be willing to experiment. It’s good to know what tends to work for you – but you need to branch out and experiment, too. That will help you avoid boredom or being stuck in a rut.

6. Introduce new experiences into your life as it keeps you adaptable, flexible, open to new thinking, vibrant and alive.

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