The Five Friends You Need To Stay Away From


1. The Manipulators. These kind of friends will say and do anything to flatter you as a means to get what they want. It can be very subtle, so much so that you don’t even notice you’re being manipulated, so be aware. They have a tendency to take much but rarely give back, and if they do it is with strings attached on a ‘you owe me’ basis. As hard as it is to unfriend a manipulator as their pleas can seem genuine, it will rid your life of much toxicity.

2. The Discouragers. These friends are naysayers and tend to see the negative in every situation. If you tell them about an exciting new venture, they respond with, “But…” They don’t believe in you because they don’t believe in themselves. They have let failure make them bitter and they project that bitterness to everyone around them. Love those friends, but love them from a distance. You are worthy of support and encouragement and a discouraging friend will only deter you from achieving your dreams.

3. The Wally’s. Things in your life have gone downhill quickly and you have hit rock bottom. You reach out to your friends in your time of need but they’re nowhere to be seen. Those are the Wally’s, because every time something goes wrong, it becomes a game of Where’s Wally to find them. You need friends who are loyal to you through the good and the bad, friends who will celebrate your happiness but just as willingly be a shoulder for you to cry on. Those who aren’t there for you in your bad times do not deserve to be there in your good times!

4. The Driveless. As a person in her 20’s, I find it increasingly important to have friends who are driven to achieve their goals and inspire you to do the same. The old adage is true: who you surround yourself with, you become. If you surround yourself with friends who have no ambitions, who are always saying they will one day do this or that but never do, it can have an influence on your life, much more than you think. There’s no feeling better than having a squad of go-getters who you can race the journey with.

5. The Flakes. These friends always back out at the last minute. You can never make plans with a flake because you know you can’t rely on them to come through. It’s always disappointing and frustrating to have friends like these in your life – trust me, I know! You need friends whose word is their bond, who will always keep a promise, even if it’s inconvenient for them. They are loyal in their friendships and in their plans with you, and not many things in life are better than a reliable friend.

Remember, your friends can make or break you – choose them carefully and wisely!

Top image via Coast and Pine
Bottom image via A Certain Kind of Woman