The Optimist’s Creed


1. To be so strong and resilient that nothing will destroy your peace of mind.

2. To offer love, hope and acceptance to every person you meet.

3. To make all your friends feel they are special and valuable.

4. To always look on the bright side of life, and to always believe that you will get there in the end!

5. To always think the best, hope for the best, and believe the best.

6. To be happy when things go well for others.

7. To forgive both yourself and others, to put the past behind you, to welcome each new day as a fresh opportunity.

8. To greet the world with a smile, and to choose to look for the positives.

9. To focus on your growth and self-development development, instead of criticizing others and looking for their flaws.

10. To be committed to living a rich, full and meaningful life.
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