Things I Look For in a Man //

I want to find a man

who uses the word ‘beautiful’ to describe a girl instead of ‘hot,’

who knows when to speak and when to be silent,

who only says what he means and means what he says.

A man who isn’t up himself, knowing good looks are nothing without a good heart,

a man who, when his heart tells him ‘she’s the one,’ listens to it and doesn’t cheat because he is scared.

A man who would risk his life for anyone he loves, especially his girl, and doesn’t mind fighting for her,

a man who has pride in who he is and where he comes from, but not to the point of cockiness.

A man who doesn’t use the same pick up line on everything that moves and think that it’s okay,

a man that uses his heart instead of his penis,

a man who loves

and smiles

and laughs.

A man who understands.

A man who would not even think twice about taking advantage of a drunk or vulnerable girl,

a man who believes with ferocity and passion that a real man does NOT rape or hit women.

A man who feels no need to complain,

who puts humility before pride.

A man who does not instantly assume things, but believes in the best of everything and everyone,

a man who holds a strong but quiet dignity, who understands his strength but does not use it to his advantage.

A man who is not afraid to cry.

A man who does not play with too many hearts at once for his selfish reasons, but thinks of others first before himself,

a man with a passion to serve, especially the poor and needy,

and man whose motives are not driven by money or power or sex, but by love.

A man who is not flaky, but whose word is his bond.

A man who values sex and understands it’s not something to be done with any girl off the street, but that it is a powerful, sacred and beautiful thing to be shared with someone special.

A man who does not talk trash about a girl to his friends as if she were some kind of animal, but lets his integrity direct his conversations.

An old school gentleman who opens the door for strangers, pulls out the chair for his date, gives his jacket to his girl when she is shivering, kisses her on the nose and walks her to her door even when it is raining.

A man who doesn’t rate girls on their appearance, who pursues a girl for her heart and not her body,

a man who does not give up on his girl even when it seems hopeless.

A man who understands that every single woman is beautiful,

that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A man that doesn’t treat a girl according to her past, her present or her future but treats her how she deserves to be treated – like a princess.

A man who understands that each woman is a daughter of God, and when you mess with any one of them, you’re gonna have to deal with the Big Man himself.

A man who does not lead a girl on and then crush her heart, because every time that happens, that girl will find it harder to believe in true love.

Most importantly, a man who has a fierce passion and love for Jesus above all else,
and that is his first priority in life.

I think a man like this is hard to find. But it’s what makes the frogs you’ve kissed, the unrequited love and phone calls, the waiting, the tears and the sleepless nights, all worthwhile.

Don’t settle for any less


Image via The Little French Bulldog