Thrive Everyday


“Too often we see posts with titles such as ‘TGIF’, or something about how the week has been survived. Why do we have the mentality that we have to work hard for 5 days of the week, to simply enjoy 2 at the end? This doesn’t sound like a fair ratio to us. Find something to do each day that transforms it from one of ‘those’ weekdays that you have to endure, to one you thrive in. Perhaps you’re not in the right line of work, or you go home and watch TV rather than getting outside after a full day indoors. We are unsure what it is that makes you happy, but we do know that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy themselves all 7 days of the week, not just 2. We just refuse to accept that 2 days of happiness is all we get – don’t ruin the potential of those remaining days.”
365 Authentic Days

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