Tomorrow Will Bring A Promise Of Something Beautiful


“You loved so deeply, didn’t you? You didn’t know the long hours of conversation would leave such deep roots, but they did. Now you’re left with a uprooted heart, alone, and wounded. It’s going to hurt, it’s going to hurt like it’s never hurt before. You will wonder why you ever allowed yourself to be planted, why you even thought about letting your roots grow. You will never want it to happen again, but it will. Because no matter how many times you have been pulled out of the ground, you are bound to grow again.

For you were meant to love deeply, even when it hurts, because you are more than those who don’t help you grow. So, learn to love the light and all that comes with it. Love those things that help your roots grow strong, so that one day you will find another person whose roots are deep as well, and they will hold onto you, and life’s winds will blow but you two will stay strong because you have allowed good roots to spring to life. 
If all you have today are tears, then weep; Tomorrow will bring joy and a promise of something beautiful, with a hope of a strong and true love.”

T.B. LaBerge, Grow Deep


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