Trust Love One More Time

“Maybe this is what it’s all about. You love a person for as long as you possibly can until you run out of love. You love them even when they don’t love you. And then you can leave, as quietly as you came, knowing that you gave all you had, knowing that you couldn’t have been any more than what you were and that it was pure, that it was full and that you were honest with it all.”
Azra T

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”
Maya Angelou

I know how hard it can be to not build the walls around your heart higher when you’ve been so badly hurt in the past. You say to yourself that you will never allow yourself to be vulnerable again. You say that you will never let anyone get close to you. You say that you never want to love again.

If there’s anything I have learned from the battle scars on my heart, it’s that love is the only thing that is worth the fight. To love, again and again, even when you have been broken, is the most courageous and pure thing in the world. Trust love one more time, and always keep trusting it. It is the only thing in the world that can set you free.


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