Who You Attract Is A Reflection Of You

Woman multi-coloured maxi skirt grey t-shirt red Chanel bag black sandals

In seeking your ‘ideal lover’, I encourage you to take a look at how you show up for yourself as your own lover. Do you treat yourself how you wish a lover would treat you? Do you touch yourself how you wish your lover to touch you? Do you make love to yourself regularly? It’s so easy to make others wrong: “There’s just so many idiots out there!” or “All women are head cases!” or “I’m so over men letting me down, they’re so inconsiderate!” etc. Here’s a hint: who you attract into your life is a direct reflection of you. So, stop complaining, blaming and shaming the disappointing lovers that keep showing up in your life. Instead turn inward and ask yourself where you need to step up within yourself and grow up your own inner masculine and/or feminine. I guarantee that if you do the work and mature and grow up these parts of yourself, then you will begin to attract in the ideal lovers instantly.
Juliet Allen

Photo via WhoWhatWear