You Are Complete Now

“Don’t ever feel discouraged for wanting someone to hold you, to feel loved and known. Stop thinking “I shouldn’t be feeling this, I should be strong,” because the ache that is in you is natural, and no medicine on earth can rid the pain of wanting companionship. But don’t let that ache become a disease, don’t let it cripple your life, because you have so much to live for. When you have those aches for a love not yet known, take some time, write it out, take a deep breath; you are allowed to want love, you are allow to feel deeply, and you are allowed to wish it come soon, but you are not allow to let it keep you from a life lived fully.
You are not complete with someone else, you are complete now. Just learn to love the person you are, so that when you do meet someone great they will see the beauty that you hold, and love you all the more for the life you have chosen to live.”
T.B. LaBerge


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