Your Story Is Just Beginning

Hands in the air

You have to let go of the life you could’ve had. The life you would be living if you hadn’t made certain choices. The life that would have unfolded if you hadn’t let certain people into your life or hadn’t been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wishing for things to be different and beating yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made won’t change your circumstances. It’s happened, it’s done, and this is where you’re at. And it’s okay. YOU will be okay. Your life isn’t over — it’s just going to be different. And different doesn’t have to mean bad. It just means you have to become more creative with your self-care. It means you have to find slightly different ways to navigate the world and your relationships. And sometimes, it means finding new strengths; strengths that become anchors and anchors that open new doors. Doors that lead to new passions and friendships and connections. Doors that make you look back and smile for having doubted the resiliency of life – for doubting your own resiliency. You can’t go back and change the past, but you can decide how you live today. Your story isn’t over yet. There may be pain and struggle, but there are always ways to make your time here meaningful and worthwhile. It might take time, and it might challenge you, but the light is there. There is always a way. I promise.
Daniell Koepke

Image via Hummbly