You’re Worthy Of Love Even At Your Lowest

Breakfast and coffee in bed with vase of flowers

My therapist told me something meaningful yesterday, she said, “It’s important to remember that when you’re depressed, you have to nurse yourself and be extra gentle toward yourself. Just like an athlete wouldn’t break an ankle then force themselves to run that ankle. They rest as it heals and do not think, ‘I am a failed athlete.’ They think, ‘Right now something isn’t working so I’ll take care of myself until it does.’
Just like a broken bone, depression can change the way your daily life plays out, and pushing yourself too hard and getting frustrated when you don’t feel better is just like trying to run on that broken ankle and getting frustrated when it doesn’t heal.
Jellie Bells

You have this idea in your head that the only time you’re worthy of being loved is when you’re at your best. You’re still worthy of being loved when you’re at your lowest. You’re still worthy of being loved when you don’t want to go on anymore. You are still worthy of being loved even when you don’t love yourself. You are a human and therefore always worthy of being loved and don’t you fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

Image via A Certain Kind of Woman